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Science of Coaching

by Mary Verstraete

In May, I attended the International Coaching Federation Advance 2014 Science of Coaching Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The  educational Advance was designed to deliver in-depth content covering the theories that underpin coaching and build an understanding of how empirical research and theories influence and relate to coaching. Participants walked away with an understanding of how to integrate evidence-based research into their own coaching. What is the benefit of a scientific approach to coaching? Janet M. Harvey, past ICF Global President, believes that coaches are better able to accelerate learning, adapt learning processes to diverse populations of learners, and expand the scope of impact across the diverse population of clients.

Coaches are in harmony with the belief that coaching brings results. When a coach understands why coaching works, which skills are best suited to specific contexts, and what hinders achieving results, this helps the profession to be credible, proven, and is a critical step toward the recognition of coaching as a profession. Coaching research has expanded in the last decade and coach training can provide foundational training in applying what has been researched and proven, resulting in masterful coaching that uses valid, reliable, and consistent coaching practices. There is a marriage between the art and science of coaching and CCE is dedicated in continuing to blend these two areas to produce transformational results in people lives. 

While at the Advance, I was invited to attend the September Harvard Coaching Leadership and Healthcare Conference in Boston. I'll have the privilege to hear the researches in the field featuring keynotes by world leaders in leadership, health and well-being, coaching, positive psychology, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience. The offerings also include a poster session on the latest research. What will be the CCE take away from the Conference? An increased ability in our training to add why and what to the application of coaching skills on both fronts--achieving life-change results and what hinders results.

I'm personally grateful for the researches who are paving the way to increase the credibility and viability of coaching--their hard work and dedication helps us to be masterful and effective coaches.

Here is a link to a fascinating article by Margaret Moore, MBA, Director of the annual Coaching and Leadership in Healthcare conference offered by Harvard Medical School:

CCE Graduates

CCE introduces to the coaching community five recent graduates who have completed 130 hours of coach specific training:


Kathy Poling, Missouri. Kathy is a full time coach and founder of Quest Coaching.

Jim Reklis, North Carolina. Jim is a full time pastor and a coach trainer at iThrive 9. 

Jay Baumgardner, Tenessee. Jay is Vice President for community relations at Blood Assurance  where coaching is part of his job function.

Bret Burrows, Colorado. Bret is an airline pilot with a major airlines and in his spare time, coaches men with a focus on developing loving and caring husbands and fathers.

James Beeman (not pictured), Texas. James is a full time coach with College Plus.

They are all pursuing their certification with ICF.  We are so proud of each of these individuals!

New Spring Series

Advanced Coaching Skills

April 17–May 22

You will continue on the path of masterful coaching by expanding your understanding of the coaching competencies, their application, and results in a coaching conversation. Coaching practicums and mentor coaching equips you to become proficient in applying coaching skills.

ACS Cover.jpg
  • Online interactive classes
  • Six weeks
  • Thursdays, 12–1:30 CT
  • ICF compliant
  •  Manual and textbooks provided

Cost: $725

For more information call the CCE office at 612.246.4787 or to register.


Jerome Daley


Jerome Daley first joined the CCE team in July of 2007 as Director of Member Services. Over those first couple years, Jerome partnered with the CCE vision of training new coaches with excellence and spearheaded the vision to support new coaches with a thriving community of like-minded colleagues and professional resources. In 2008, he became Managing Editor of a newly-formed Journal of Christian Coaching, a print magazine that transitioned online. In recent years Jerome has functioned as a Senior Advisor and Coach Trainer as CCE continued its growth and development.

CCE is pleased to announce Jerome's launch of a new series of coach trainings under his own company, iThrive9. This gives him a chance to extend CCE's commitment to coaching excellence and also apply his particular vision for helping leaders create a thriving culture and community. 

While we will miss Jerome's direct involvement in CCE, we celebrate his new endeavor and an ongoing partnership between CCE and iThrive9.

For more about this venture, visit

Did You Know . . .

  1. CCE training is comprehensive? Our inclusive training meets the necessary number of coach-specific hours and mentor coaching for your Center for Coach Excellence (CCE) and International Coach Federation (ICF) certifications.
  2. Trainees are individually guided through the entire certification process?
  3. We concentrate our training on the critical nature and structure of a conversation to develop masterful coaching? This is achieved through indepth understanding, application, and practice of ICF foundational and advanced coaching skills.
  4. CCE trainers are experienced coaches both in the non-profit sector and corporate arenas?
  5. We provide personalized attention and guidance through mentor coaching and feedback?

  6. CCE classes are capped at eight to ten participants to ensure a highly interactive training experience?

  7. You do not need to take a separate coaching Ethics course? It's included in our core training.

  8. You will receive professional coaching during Essential Coach training? Coaching is facilitated by an PCC certified coach.
  9. Each core training provides an in-person coaching practicum? You will receive personalized feedback to help you hone your coaching skills.
  10. Our We Fly To You program offers the convenience of attending training workshops in your own city or organization?

You can learn more about CCE training by clicking here.

Becoming ACC Certified in 2014

If you have completed Essential Coach Training and want to be come an ACC certified coach, with the International Coach Federation, then this class is for you. You will continue on the path of masterful coaching by expanding your understanding of the coaching competencies, their application, and results in a coaching conversation. Coaching practicums and mentor coaching equip you to become proficient in applying advanced coaching skills.

What’s is included in the course?

  1. The completion of the required 60 hours of coach-specific hours.
  2. Training and application of advanced coaching skills.
  3. ICF requirement of ten hours of mentor coaching. 
  4. Our popular Ethics course that enables you to adopt guidelines to stay within ethical standards as a coach and apply principles of ethics, risk management, and professional issues in a coaching business and in the workplace.
  5. In-person coaching practicums with observation and feedback.
  6. The ability to use the Life Map for Focused Living coaching process with your clients.
  7. Training with Mary Verstraete, President of CCE.
  8. Workshop transportation to and from the MSP airport.
  9. Required textbooks and ACS manual.
  10. An opportunity to enjoy learning, food, and laughter with other coaches. 

Here’s what Jay Baumgarder, Leadership Coach and 2013 graduate of CCE said about his training:

"CCE training gave me confidence to coach in challenging workplace situations. The training was thorough with personalized attention that allowed me to absorb the coaching concepts and skills, apply them to my coaching context, and receive feedback." 

We invite you to call the CCE office at 612-246-4787, or click here for more information on an upcoming ACS training. 

ICF Approval For Essential Coach Training

In late 2013, Essential Coach Training was approved by the ICF for 44 hours of coach-specific training (ACSTH). This is our first step toward full accreditation in 2014. 86 additional hours will be submitted to ICF this year to complete the required coach-specific training hours needed for full accreditation to become an ACTP school. 

We feel now is the time to pursue our full accreditation. In the past two years we’ve worked diligently to refine our materials, training, and ongoing support to help leaders become masterful in their conversation through the venue of coaching. Recently, we completed Essential Coach Training and Advanced Coaching Skills edits that have enriched the content and enhanced application—this has amplified learning and application effectiveness.

On a broader note: Our courses are comprehensive and meet the training requirements to apply for ICF ACC and PCC level—this includes the ten hours of mentor coaching necessary for each of these certifications.

For more information please feel free to call the CCE office at 612-246-4787, as we would enjoy answering any questions, or check out our full line-up of core coach trainings. 

Conversational Team Leadership in Equatorial Guinea

During the month of November and early December, the team of Omega Alliance, Inc. and the Center for Coaching Excellence conducted a Conversational Team Leadership Course in Guinea for ExxonMobil. CCE wants to acknowledge Bill Hoppa, a CCE graduate who was one of trainers. In 2014, Bill will also be coaching on offshore oil rigs in Lagos, Nigeria. This is certainly a long distance from Oklahoma where Bill resides! 


CCE is thrilled that the influence of coaching has far surpassed our original plan for coach training. This brings to mind:

"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization's valuable resources." 

- January, 2008, Harvard Business Review

ExxonMobil is committed to development of its management and Omega Alliance, Inc. and CCE thank them for making us a part of their plan.