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Because Conversation Changes Everything . . .

Because Conversation Changes Everything . . .

Central to the caliber of leadership that inspires excellence, empowers teams, and produces employee engagement, are skillful leadership conversations.

By Mary Verstraete

Conversation is at the heart of employee engagement. Unfortunately, recent stats report that a record-high 55 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs today. The Conference Board sited that employees found supervisors to be “distant, distracted, disconnected, or demanding.” What are the main reasons for these conclusions? Conversations that fail to connect with the employees.

It's safe to say that more “team-building days” aren't going to remedy such entrenched perceptions. The answer to higher employee engagement requires a mindset shift that affects the environment of an organization . . . and it begins with conversation.

Bottom line—Just because supervisors have the ability to converse, doesn't mean that they have mastered the art of a conversation. Supervisors can be high performers and even charismatic in selling the company's products or services, but may not necessarily be the leaders that can generate employee engagement.

When organizations make the necessary efforts to weave a culture of conversational coaching© into the way they lead, the astonishing results speak for themselves. A recent study of Fortune 100 executives by the Manchester Consulting Group in Economic Times reported that those who started employing professional coaching skills for people management had these returns:

  •  An improved bottom line—resulting in an ROI of almost six times the program cost
  • Improvement in relationships (77%)
  • Improvement in teamwork (67%)
  • Improvement in job satisfaction (61%)
  • Improvement in quality (48%)

Empowering a coaching culture is turning out to be a “must” investment for better employee engagement and performance, and more satisfied customers. Effective leadership is dependent upon many important elements, but none is more important than communication and the relational skills that make for good communication. It's the conversation that counts!

For more information on communication tools that help transform organizations, contact Mary Verstraete at 612.246.4787.

Mary is a professional leadership consultant. She works with ambitious business professionals who want to leverage their leadership to achieve significant influence and effectiveness. 

As a business consultant, Mary works with organizations to establish a culture of synergistic teams, systems and processes for greater employee engagement, employee loyalty, and communication effectiveness. 

Mary is President and Cofounder of the Center for Coaching Excellence, a distinctive training organization that focuses on developing highly competent coaches through a mentor-training approach and a training model of coaching that easily transitions into professional and personal conversations. She continues to expanded coaching into diverse industries by developing customized coach training used in companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, and MJ Senior Housing.