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Be a Champion

Be a Champion

By Mary Verstraete, CCE President

Someone doubting their abilities evokes a common response–"I don't think I can do that," or "I'm not capable." Even though it may not be true, it's that person's reality and genuine belief. 

What can we do to change a doubting mindset? 

Be a champion for someone by "using your capacity to see the person's capacity" and acknowledge what is true about the person. 

"I'm confident that you can perform at the level your boss is expecting of you. Susan, I've seen you in situations like this before, and you have an innate way of rising to whatever challenges are set before you."

"You've consistently shown your ability to find the win-win solution and what is beneficial for both sides; you don't compromise, and you work toward what's fair and principled."


Whenever you communicate what is true, you help to instill confidence, develop accurate self-awareness, and generate a mind-set of true reality.

This week:

  • Be intentionally observant for abilities a person may be doubting
  • Communicate what you know to be true about that person's abilities
  • Celebrate that you helped someone to develop accurate-self-awareness