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Are You A Want-To-Be?

Are You A Want-To-Be?

Leaders have a big job, whether it's in a supervisory role, team lead, or business owner. There is one expectation that doesn't change: Lead and Lead Well. When put into positions that don't fit skill set, personality, or interest, this leaves a  "want-to-be" leader of significant influence mindset and a constant struggle to meet that mark.

Pete was one of these individuals. He did an exceptional job at selling computer software and decided to begin his own business. In the three years the company existed, there was consistent turnover and lack of business. His ability to focus on building a company versus selling product were at odds with each other and Pete shut the doors to his company at the three year mark.

What happened? There was a lack of convergence in who he was and his function at the company.

If Pete possessed a self-awareness of how he could leverage his strengths, experience, values, mission, vision, had the ability to manage those things that needed further development...the story could have ended differently.

  • He would have hired employees that fit the needs of the company and his leadership.
  • His strategic plan would have taken into account his leadership characteristics.
  • He would have implemented attainable goals that mirrored his leadership and the team's abilities.
  • He would have delegated responsibility wisely.
  • Pete would have focused on what he did well in the early stages of his company–networking, building relationships, and sales.

Instead the company was set up for a train wreck waiting to happen; it was only a matter of time.

Leaders are innately designed to lead and excel, and the last thing a leader wants to do is plateau. When leaders are not leveraging their leadership, growth is stagnated, influence is diminished, and competencies cease to be fully expressed and utilized.

Can you confidently acknowledge that you are functioning with convergence: 80 percent of who you are overlapping with 80 percent of what you do. If you answered no, then your effectiveness is being impeded.

To learn more about professional and personal convergence, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation on how you can chart a course to extend and maximize your leadership influence. You can contact me at or request a personal consultation.

Mary is a business and leadership consultant who works with organizations to establish a culture of synergistic teams, systems and processes for greater employee engagement, employee loyalty, and communication effectiveness. She trains leaders to maximize leadership competencies, develop greater agility, achieve and sustain leadership influence.

Mary is President and Cofounder of the Center for Coaching Excellence, a distinctive training organization that focuses on developing highly competent coaches through a mentor-training approach and a training model of coaching that easily transitions into professional and personal conversations. Mary continues to expanded coaching into diverse industries by developing customized coach training used in companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, and MJ Senior Housing.