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What About Your Goals?

What About Your Goals?

By Mary Verstraete

How many times have your heard people make comments like, "My life doesn't seem fulfilling," "I feel stuck," or "I'm unsure of what's next for my life"? Perhaps you've said similar things. If you have, you know how discouraging, demoralizing, and lonely it can be to live life without a strong, clear sense of significance and purpose. 

Moving into living a life of intentional purpose involves goals. We’re all familiar with the concept of setting goals and creating steps that help us achieve them. However, being highly intentional, leaving what is familiar in the present to venture into something unfamiliar is a courageous initiative.

Yet, one of the biggest mistakes we can make on the pathway of life is having goals for our future, but not doing anything to pursue that future. People who look only at their present reality stay in the present and let life happen to them. Those who determine to take definite steps to change aspects of their life awaken new possibilities and find the path to a fulfilling future. 

We may think that goals are solely logical thinking. Goals encase a much larger space than logic. 

Goal setting is envisioning–whether it's something that we want to achieve, how we want to live, or what we want to accomplish–and stems from a strong desire or passion for something different than the present. From that desire we gain an image or a picture of the preferred future. A future that captures a clearer sense of significance, purpose, and fulfillment for our life. Goals become a propelling force that we experience and move toward in our life.

When we invent the future, we need to get a mental picture of what things will be like long before we begin the journey. Images are our windows into the world of tomorrow. When talking about going places we’ve never been—whether to the top of an unclimbed mountain or to the pinnacle of an entirely new industry—we imagine what they’d look like. We picture the possibilities. All of us make efforts to see the future—not in some mystical sense but in a cognitive sense. We do it every time we plan a trip or put a little money in the bank for retirement. Visions are images in the mind, impressions, and representations. They become real when we express them in concrete terms.

-Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Goals capture your future reality and make the future attainable. There can even be powerful results in the midst of the goal-setting process itself because of the vision, power, and motivation that is created by simply articulating goals. 

What about your goals? What have you envisioned for your future that will result in a clearer sense of significance, purpose, and fulfillment for your life? 

In moving forward with those goals, don't go it alone. Your venturing into another season or juncture of life . . . a courageous initiative. I've coached hundreds of clients; I'm convinced that goals are more easily achieved when there is someone who provides:

  • Genuine belief in the person and their goals.
  • Sincere concern for the person's well-being and future.
  • Authentic affirmation, support and encouragement.

Who is it that can come along side of you to champion you and your goals?

Mary is a professional leadership consultant and coach. She works with ambitious business professionals who want to leverage their leadership.

As a business consultant, Mary works with organizations to establish a culture of synergistic teams, systems and processes for greater employee engagement, employee loyalty, and communication effectiveness. 

Mary is President and Cofounder of the Center for Coaching Excellence, a distinctive training organization that focuses on developing highly competent coaches through a mentor-training approach and a training model of coaching that easily transitions into professional and personal conversations. She continues to expanded coaching into diverse industries by developing customized coach training used in companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, and MJ Senior Housing.