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Center for Coaching Excellence Training Distinctives

Center for Coaching Excellence Training Distinctives

Our office receives calls daily inquiring about coach training. One of the main questions is: What makes CCE training distinct? It is an important question and one that should be asked. 

This year is our 11th year as a coach training organization and mission has never changed: 

Training leaders and coaches with coaching excellence for lasting influence.

Our vision has remained steadfast:

A training organization focusing on developing highly competent coaches through a mentor-training approach and a training model that equips leaders and coaches to contribute at their professional and personal best, resulting in transformational changes in the lives of those they lead and coach.

CCE achieves its Mission and Vision through training that is:

In-depth. Emphasis on the structure and nature of an effective conversation with application of coaching competencies, a value-based mindset, and neuroscience basics delivers application that you can transfer to any profession. 

Comprehensive. Our comprehensive program meets the necessary number of coach-specific training hours for each level of the International Coach Federation (ICF) certifications. Complete information is found on the CCE Certification page or you can request a free consultation.

Customized. All of our training content has been meticulously developed by CCE, using what we believe to be the highest quality research and resources available. This provides the opportunity to customized our training to best meet the needs of our participants. 

Relational. Our core programs are a combination of workshop and virtual webinar classroom, which represents a high value for our participants. Our training is held in several regions of the United States. The class size is a maximum of eight-ten participants, which enables us to invest in developing each person's unique coaching style and applying the coaching concept to his or her particular area of focus. Our training is held in several regions of the United States.

Contact us at 612.246.4787 if you have questions; we would love to talk with you.