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Center for Coaching Excellence Coach Training

Center for Coaching Excellence Coach Training



There is no greater fulfillment than establishing a relationship with you throughout your training and continuing a personal and professional relationship for years to come. We count it an honor to support you as an individual, actively champion your vision, and be a resource that you can count on, whether it's a simple question or charting a course in your career or life. 

– Mary Verstraete, CCE President


2018 Essential Training

Essential Training is ICF approved 44 coach-specific training hours.

All of our 2017 Essential Trainings are full. We will begin a  new series of Essential Training beginning in 2018.

What People Are Saying

As I reflect back on my time with the CCE, what stands out to me the most by far was the consistent and exceptional high quality of the entire experience. Every detail, large and small, effectively communicated the excellence that they are encouraging themselves and us as coaches to strive for. The signup procedure, accommodations, venue, meals, books, and training supplies, even down to the quality of the provided pad and pen, demonstrated how authentic their quest for high-caliber presentation of coaching truly is. It has been said that, "the way you do anything is the way you will do everything." I now have no doubt that I made the right decision when I chose the CCE.

– E MacDonald, Academic Coach

I flew into San Antonio, Texas for a quick 2-day training workshop. It far exceeded any expectations I had. The city was aesthetically impressive; the training was valuable and inspiring; and the people were authentic and easy to communicate with. I feel invigorated and affirmed as I move forward with the program.

– Cody Watts

Materials were excellent, pace was great!

– M Burgett PhD, CPSM, Director of Leadership Development

Being able to get direct feedback from my trainer on my coaching during the in-person workshops was invaluable and provided me the opportunity to also receive informal peer feedback. 

– Erin Smith, Corporate Coach