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Customized Training

When you include customized coach training into your company’s internal training system, you are on your way to creating a coaching culture that increases employee engagement and paves the way for talent development, an environment of trust, and stronger bottom line. 

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Clients Using Customized Training


Jason Lange and MaryLynne Bolden, Founders


CCE and MJ Senior Housing collaborated in the development of Senior Conversations, a basic and advanced coach training program customized to senior living sales. The program integrates successful selling and coaching skills as a natural part of the way a salesperson communicates, and focuses on developing coaching competencies in sales professionals through a step-by-step approach.

Omega Alliance, Inc.

Darrel Caldwell, Ph.D., President

CCE and Omega Alliance, Inc., a provider of global safety training the oil and gas industry, partnered together to create four Conversational Leadership courses: Conversation Team Leadership, Conversational Safety Coaching, Conversational Safety Leadership, and The Conversational Aligned Leader. Currently, the courses are being taught for ExxonMobil in Lagos, Nigeria, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea.

Omega educates those in the workplace on identifying hazards and achieving on-the-job proactive safety solutions with the result of significantly improving job efficiency and performance and ensuring a safe return of workers to their families. A central component of reducing incidents and increasing safety is effective communication, and embedded in each safety training course are core coaching skills.