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Essential Training

Setting the Foundation

Our first building block to the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification.

The influence of our communication cannot be overstated: 

A study by Talk, Inc. found that leaders were valuing interaction that resembles the model of two people talking and were extending efforts to “have a conversation” with their people or to “advance the conversation” within their organization.
These practices were enabling company’s to achieve higher levels of trust, improve operation efficiency, gain greater motivation and commitment among employees. They went on to say that the power of organizational conversation isn’t’ the kind of power that manifests itself as control over a person or process. Rather, it’s the kind of conversation that makes a person or process effective because the conversation is fuel.

Whether you want to launch a new career, incorporate coaching skills into your existing career, or strengthen your relationships, you’ll find the mind-sets and applications of Essential Training to be a potent combination for maximizing your effectiveness.

This course is taught in a sequential method to enable you to learn the dynamics for each phase of the conversation. You will learn how to: 

  • Create a listening environment and apply vital intuitive listening.
  • Ask questions that evoke, insight, generate self-feedback, and actions.
  • Generate a safe supportive environment of trust.
  • Develop a conversational style of coaching.
  • Apply the T-GROW and ToGROW coaching model.
  • Use language that has the most beneficial impact on the client.
  • Facilitate a conversation that helps a client gain accurate self-awareness.
  • Design action steps that promote client development, learning, and confidence in making decisions.

Training Structure

  • Phase 1: Workshop 1
  • Phase 2: Virtual webinar classes
  • Phase 3: Workshop 2
  • Phase 4: Observation Coaching with your peer and trainer
  • Phase 5: Mentor coaching

During the class, you will have the opportunity to engage in weekly peer coaching, independent reading, interactive exercises with your peer, and gain experience in coaching a client.


The tuition for Essential Training is $2275 per person. Payment plans available. 

Tuition covers:

  • All training (virtual webinar classes and workshops), manual, and required textbooks
  • Mentor coaching sessions
  • All workshop meals. Friday evening dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages
  • Transportation from and to the airport if flying

We have arranged a reduced rate for your lodging and for your convenience, workshops are held at your hotel. 

Essential Training Registration & Schedule

Mastering the Fundamentals of Coaching