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Associate Training

Advancing and Refining Your Skills


Following completion of Essential Training, our second building block to further develop your coaching skills and move you closer to the first level of International Coach Federation (ICF) certification is Associate Training, which includes Advanced Coaching Skills, Ethics and Risk Management for Coaches, Professional and Personal Development Coaching Process, and Coaching with StrengthsFinder® and Personality Indicators.


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Training Approach

Advanced Coaching Skills provides coaching observation, coaching demonstrations, group interaction, collaborative peer exercises, and dialogue that strengthens comprehension, application, and synthesis. You will continue to expand your knowledge, understanding, and application of advanced coaching.


Training Structure

Option 1

1. 65 hours' coach-specific training

  • Phase 1: Advanced Coaching Skills 
    • Advanced Coaching Practicums
  • Phase 2: Professional and Personal Development Coaching Process; Coaching with StrengthsFinder® and Personality Indicators
  • Phase 3: Peer and client coaching
  • Phase 4: Associate Training Workshop
    • Ethics and Risk Management
    • Organizational Coaching
  • Phase 5: four hours' mentor coaching


Option 2

2. *19.5 hours' coach-specific trainingLive virtual classes only

  • Phase 1: Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Phase 2: Ethics and Risk Management
  • Phase 3: Coaching practicums
  • Phase 4: 4 hours' mentor coaching


Training Specifics

Advanced Coaching Skills focuses on several concepts of effective communication:

  • Using metaphorical language to create powerful and lasting images that link with a client's existing thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and generates perspective, insight, and self- awareness.
  • Creating a coaching environment that helps clients expel false beliefs and generate accurate self-awareness. 
  • Advancing the conversation with neuroscience woven into the nature and structure of a conversation.
  • How to focus on what is important for the client by listening at a logical, emotional, and organic level.
  • Managing client progress by focusing attention on what is most important to the client.
  • Become adept at facilitating a coaching conversation and not compromising the vital structure and nature of an effective conversation.
  • How to create action steps that promote active experimentation and self-discovery.

Ethics and Risk Management is a dynamic course in applying coaching ethics and risk management as a coaching professional. It addresses:

  • Professional Conduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Ethics and Marketing
  • Personal Conduct with Clients
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Continuing Development

Organizational Coaching will provide tools for executive and organizational coaching and consulting.  

Coaching with StrengthsFinder and Personality Indicators is a process can be used with individual clients and can be adapted for organizational and business coaching. This process will enable you to price your services at a higher rate because of it's multiple applications with clients and organizations.


Training Logistics

We offer Option 1 Associate Training Workshop at your particular Essential Training location.  However, when flight travel occurs for participants, we have priced our training to help cover the cost of US travel expenses. 

Tuition covers:

  • Training manual and all textbooks.
  • Cost of ground transportation from/to the airport in the venue city. 
  • Meals during Workshop hours.
  • 10 hours' ICF required mentor coaching for the first level of certification in the CCE Associate Program. Mentor coaching would average $1000 beyond coach training. 


Option 1: $2775 per person. Payment plans available.

Option 2: $1975. Payment plans available.

2018 Associate Training dates

August 9–November 17

Option 1: 40 hours' coach-specific training

  • Thursdays, 11:00am–12:30pm CT

Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC 

Registration closes on July 27

July 12–September 12

Option 2: 19.5 hours' coach-specific trainiing

  • Thursdays, 11:00am–12:30pm CT

Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC 

Registration closes on July 2