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Step One

Essential Coach Training

Train in the core skills of conversation

Step Two

Professional Coach Training

Master the skills of conversation

Step Three


Become a certified professional coach

CCE Coach Training

Our Philosophy

We believe that through the unique skills and developmental approach of coaching, people can contribute at their professional and personal best.



What does my training include?

Your CCE training covers it all. Our inclusive training meets the necessary number of coach-specific hours and other requirements for your Center for Coach Excellence and International Coach Federation (ICF) certifications.

A 360-degree focus on the critical nature and structure of a conversation to develop masterful coaching. This is achieved through indepth understanding, application, and practice of ICF foundational and advanced coaching skills.

What can I expect in my training?

Seasoned trainers who are experienced coaches both in the non-profit sector and corporate arenas.

Personalized attention and guidance through mentor coaching and feedback. Our classes are capped at eight to ten participants to ensure a highly interactive training experience. 

Exceptional Resources. We provide a wealth of resources, including what we believe to be the best curriculum possible, highest qualified trainers and most effective training approach.

Our standard for you—coaching mastery. 




What will you experience?

Community and development of friendships with other coaches.

Online and face-to-face interactive training to enhance your coach training. 

Sincere encouragement, genuine championing of your success, and trainers who deeply care about your leadership and future.



How will flexibility benefit me?

Our payment plans allow you to comfortably fit tuition into your budget.

Our We Fly To You program offers the convenience of attending training workshops in your own city or organization




How is training approached?

You will engage in CCE’s proven training methodology of information, application, conversation, and observation that is transformational to you as a learner, and in turn extends to your clients.



What makes values important?

Values matter because they are guiding principles. CCE coaching values are embedded in every class and coaching conversation.

We support the practice of coaching as a viable profession and we design our training to embody coaching with excellence. Whether you’re interested in pursuing the professional coach training track to launch a new career or would like to integrate coaching into your corporate climate, our courses will equip you with all the values and competencies you need for maximum impact as a coach. 

Explore our core curriculum listings for more information on course descriptions and registration options.  

"One of the reasons I chose CCE was because of their requirement for on-campus workshop training. Many training organizations skip this feature, citing travel inconveniences and increased costs. However, long distance technology by itself cannot create the trust building, skill sharpening, and friend shaping benefits that come only through in-person interaction. Besides, it's fun!"

 Bill Hoppa, Leadership Coach

Professional Coach Training Team

  Mary Verstraete, PCC  Cofounder and President

Mary Verstraete, PCC
Cofounder and President

   Annie Perdue-Olson, MA   Senior Advisor, Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Annie Perdue-Olson, MA
Senior Advisor, Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer

  Joe Denner  Senior Advisor, Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Joe Denner
Senior Advisor, Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer

  Alice Bourdon  Senior Advisor and Trainer

Alice Bourdon
Senior Advisor and Trainer