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Coach Training Programs

Professional Training Program

Our second program prepares you for the Professional Certified Coach certification

What to Expect

If you are pursing a Professional Coach Certification (PCC from the International Coach Federation (ICF), your training will include the three modules of the Professional Program:

  1. Essential Training
  2. Associate Training
  3. Professional Training

If you are already an ICF (ACC) certified coach, your next step is completing the Professional Training module. 

Successful completion of the Professional Program meets the requirements for the second level of ICF certification, the Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

  • The Essential Training, Associate Training, and Professional Training modules complete 126 hours' coach-specific training. These modules fulfill the required ICF 10 hours' mentor coaching and 125 hours' coach-specific training for the Professional Certified Coach certification. 

Please Note:

CCE offers "No Travel" Essential Training twice a year, Mentor coaching is not included and requires an additional 6 hours' mentor coaching for the first level of ICF certification, Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Option 2 Associate Training requires an additional 19.5 hours of electives for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification.

The training provided to me by CCE has been invaluable. My influence in leading my team has grown exponentially because of my understanding of the art of coaching.

Kathy Poling
Quest Coaching