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The path to certification can be confusing and complex. Our training process has simplified the steps for you and CCE guides you step-by-step in your training and International Coach Federation (ICF) certification.

Here is how we approach certification:

Our inclusive and comprehensive courses meet the necessary number of coach-specific training hours for each of the International Coach Federation (ICF) certifications: 

  1. Associate Certified Coach
  2. Professional Certified Coach
  3. Master Certified Coach


Here is how it works:

CCE coach training courses build upon one another, which makes it easy for you to navigate and advance your certification and includes:

  1. Essential Training
  2. Associate Training
  3. Professional Training
  4. Master Training


Receiving your certification:

When you have completed the requirements for your particular level of certification, you will apply for certification with the International Coach Federation using the ACSTH path (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours). 


    Associate Level

    Essential Training and Associate Training


    Option 1

    Prepares you for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the first level of International Coach Federation (ICF) certification and includes:

    • Essential Training
      • Foundational Coaching Skills
      • Coaching practicums
      • Peer and client coaching
      • Observation Coaching
      • 6 hours' mentor coaching
      • 8 virtual classes
      • 2 in-person workshops 
    • Associate Training
      • Advanced Coaching Skills
      • Ethics and Risk Management 
      • Organizational Coaching
      • Advanced Coaching Practicum
      • Coaching with StrengthsFinder® and the Personality Inventories
      • Peer and client coaching
      • 4 hours' mentor coaching
      • 14 virtual classes
      • 1 in-person workshop
      • 3 months post training support

    Option 1 Essential Training and Associate Training completes 109 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours [ACSTH]

    You can apply for ACC certification following 60 hours' coach-specific training, 100 hours' (75 paid) coaching experience, a minimum of 8 clients, and ten hours' mentor coaching. 

    • The required 10 hours' mentor coaching is included in Essential Training and Associate Training. 
    • The additional 49 training hours can be applied toward the second level of ICF certification.

    Note: Twice a year CCE offers a "No Travel" Essential Coach Training; however, does not include mentor coaching in the tuition.

    Option 2

    • Essential Training
    • Associate Traininglive virtual classes only
      • Advanced Coaching Skills
      • Coaching practicums
      • Ethics and Risk Management for Coaches
      • 4 hours' mentor coaching

    Option 2 Essential Training and Associate Training completes 60 ACSTH training hours. After completing 100 hours' (75 paid) coaching experience, a minimum of 8 clients, and ten hours mentor coaching, you can apply for ICF certification.. 

    • The required 10 hours' mentor coaching is also included in Essential Training and Associate Training Option 2. 



    Professional Level Courses

    Following the completion of Essential and Associate Training, Professional Training prepares you for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification, the second level of International Coach Federation certification and includes:

    • Mindset Is Causative
    • Advanced Coaching Practicum
    • Peer and client coaching
    • 10-hours' mentor coaching at a reduced rate 
    • 15 live virtual classes
    • 1 in-person Workshop

    Essential Training, Associate Training, and Professional Training completes 164 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours [ACSTH].

    You can apply for PCC certification following 125 hours' coach-specific training, 500 hours' (75 paid) coaching experience, a minimum of 25 clients, and ten hours' mentor coaching. 


    Master Level Courses

    Following the completion of Essential, Associate, and Professional Training, Master Training prepares you for the third level of certification, the Master Certified Coach (MCC) certification. You will have accumulated 164 coach-specific training hours from the previous courses.

    • You will need a total of 200 hours' coach-specific training. 
    • CCE will consult with you on the additional 36 hours of electives and courses that will leverage your coaching focus and needs.

    You can apply for MCC certification following 2,500 hours' (2,250 paid) coaching experience with a minimum of 35 clients and 10 hours' mentor coaching with a MCC coach. 

    Questions & Answers


    What makes certification worth the time and perseverance? 

    A credentialed coach demonstrates not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and strong code of ethics. A credential adds credibility to you as a coaching professional. 




    How can certification benefit you?

    Your professional coach certification is an important step in personal and professional development. Being a certified coach means that you have invested significant time and effort into ensuring that you adhere to commonly accepted standards for the coaching profession. You are not simply “hanging out a shingle” and calling yourself a coach. You are a professional and have undergone rigorous training and practice in the art and science of coaching. 

    Your certification is additional assurance for your clients that you are a trained coach, and you have met the requirements to earn an endorsement from a credible training organization. Certification says that you are serious about your profession and that your clients can expect an excellent experience with you.

    Your certification strongly supports the coaching profession and you are contributing to its standardization and stability. Certification shows that you value connection and accountability and that you are willing to submit yourself to the scrutiny of a self-regulating profession. For onlookers (those who are either interested or critical), the more coaches who become certified, the more the profession is taken seriously.


    Why the International Coach Federation?

    From the beginning, CCE’s vision has been to provide the finest coach training possible and to offer coach certification. A key step for accomplishing both of these goals was aligning our training standards with ICF requirements. Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the leading global organizations dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. With more than 20,000 members, ICF’s goal is to maintain a solid direction, presence and professional voice for coaches.

    Aligning our training standards with ICF gives you confidence that we uphold the highest standards in training and certification and offers you the opportunity to apply for ICF certification and CCE certification.


    What kind of support can you expect to receive?

    From day one, the CCE team provides you with personal certification guidance. Throughout your training and even following completion of your training, we are there every step of the way! 

    Call the CCE office at 612.246.4787 or request a free personal consultation to find out more about coach certification.