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Customizable Workshop Topics

Accelerate Performance Improvement

Just one employee with chronic performance or work-habit problems can drag down the performance and morale of an entire team. This module is designed for leaders to:  

  • Get at the root cause of a performance challenge
  • Empower employees to take responsibility for the solution
  • Build confidence in handling performance conversations
  • Enhance relational skills to motivate for higher performance

Apply Strengths to Get Results  

Maximizing the growth potential of strengths leads to outstanding performance. This module is designed for leaders to: 

  • Recognize the value and contribution of personal strengths
  • Align strengths with the work, team, and organization
  • Uncover what gets in the way of leveraging strengths
  • Invest in developing personal strengths for better performance

Facilitate Cutting-Edge Collaboration  

Daily activities hinge upon positive interactions among people and teams in a collaborative effort to achieve goals. This module is designed for leaders to:   

  • Develop relationship skills that inspire collaboration
  • Ask questions that draw out the best in others
  • Facilitate conversations that are productive and actionable

Generate Innovative Solutions  

Patterns can set in quickly, but constant change demands a responsive organization. This module is designed for leaders to: 

  • Inspire strategic creativity to solve problems and stay on the cutting edge
  • Create a culture where ideas and innovation thrive
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions to explore continuous improvements
  • Strategize actions to take advantage of the greatest opportunities

Get Credit for Who You Are* 

Personal success depends on the depth and breadth of relationships. This module is designed for leaders to assess strengths, increase self-awareness, and enhance self-leadership by exploring how to: 

  • Define relationship values and commit to making a difference
  • Identify distinctive personal qualities that are relevant to the needs of others
  • Reinforce relationships by consistently delivering a trustworthy experience
  • Assess the gap between desired and actual perceptions by others

*This Workshop is a full day. 

Handle Tough Conversations  

As groups of people learn to work together, conflict and relational tension are inevitable. Addressing these relational challenges is a critical skill leaders need in order to succeed. This module is designed for leaders to: 

  • Initiate the difficult conversation
  • Build bridges in communication
  • Uncover complementary interests and needs
  • Explore shared solutions for mutual gain

Influence for Greater Impact  

Play an important role in optimizing the success of your organization regardless of positional authority. This module is designed to enhance leadership skills for influencing up, across, and down the organizational chart by exploring how to: 

  • Ask insightful questions to explore assumptions or plans
  • Enlist the support of others and foster critical thinking in developing solutions
  • Create an environment that allows for an open and frank exchange of ideas
  • Facilitate an intentional conversation of influence 

Retain Talent: Invest for Success  

With recent cost-cutting and downsizing efforts, the investment in retaining top-performing employees has never been more critical to ensuring future viability and success. In this module, leaders develop the skills to: 

  • Explore employee aspirations and career goals
  • Align employee development goals to the organization’s goals
    • Design actions to develop strengths and skills to achieve goals
    • Manage progress and accountability for individual development