CCE Coach Observation Form

As an Observation Coach, please use this form to evaluate the coaching skills of the coach you are observing. Upon completion, you will be emailed the completed form and can then forward those results to the coach you observed.

Coach Observation Form

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  • This assessment is used by an Observation Coach as an overall assessment of skills and development as a coach.

    For each competency, coaching skills are evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5, according to the following specifics:

    1. N/A The skill was not in evidence in this call
    2. The skill was demonstrated but not at the ACC level
    3. The skill was demonstrated at the ACC level
    4. The skill was demonstrated higher than the ACC level, but not quite at the PCC level
    5. The skill was demonstrated at the PCC level
  • Competency 1: Demonstrate Ethical Practice

  • 1.1: Ethics were applied throughout the coaching conversation.

  • Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset

  • 2.1: Develops and maintains a mindset that is open, curious, flexible, and client centered.