Coaching with CliftonStrengths® & Personality Indicators

Josh Motlong

ACSTH Module - Associate - Associate - Option 1 Modules - Elective

Coaching with CliftonStrengths® & Personality Indicators: March 3–May 19

Advance and Refine Your Coaching Skills

Add to your skills by learning how to include Gallup Strengths and Personality Indicators into your coaching sessions. This course will increase the effectiveness of your coaching and generate client perspective, self-awareness, and confidence.

This registration form must be completed and received by the Center for Coaching Excellence (CCE) office along with the tuition payment no later than February 24, 2022.


March 3May 19, 2022
Live-virtual classesMondays, 11:30am–12:45pm ACSTH15 Hours


Total: $1500

Tuition covers your training materials, CliftonStrengthsFinder 2.0 textbook, Personality Indicator, training resources, and all weekly training. Payment options are available during registration.