Essential Training

Josh Motlong


Essential Training: August 7–October 19

Mastering the Fundamentals of Coaching

Build a coach training experience to suit your individual career goals—whether you are a business professional looking to apply new communication skills within your current role, or you want to become a full- or part-time coach.

This registration form must be completed and received by the Center for Coaching Excellence (CCE) office along with a minimum $275 deposit no later than Friday, July 17, 2020.


August 7October 19, 2020 LocationRaleigh-Durham, NC–Zoom Workshops
Workshops Raleigh-Durham, NC Workshop 1 August 7 and 8 Workshop 2 October 9 and 10
Live-virtual classesMondays, 8:30am–10:00am ET FacilitatorMary Verstraete, CCE President ACSTH44 Hours


Total: $2,475
Tuition covers your training materials, textbooks, training resources, all weekly training, six hours of mentor coaching, and workshop meals. Payment options are available during registration.