Let’s Talk About ICF Updates

Josh Motlong


Let’s Talk About ICF Updates: August 23

In early 2022 the International Coach Federation (ICF) announced updates to ICF Accreditation and Certification. The updates are intended to help create more quality and equitable opportunities for both coach practitioners and coaching education providers. Plus, align with current leading practices in education and accreditation, which will bring more credibility and congruence to coach training organizations and the coaching profession.

This Webinar is an opportunity for you to know first-hand what the changes will mean for CCE, certification, and for you as a part of the coaching community. ICF believes that reinvigorating coaching education together, we are elevating the standards of coaching worldwide and strengthening the broader coaching profession.

To bring additional understanding of the updates please check out the Evolution of Accreditation on the ICF website.


August 23
Live-Virtual ClassesTuesday, 6:00–7:15pm CT FacilitatorMary Verstraete, CCE President


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