Organizational Coaching & Consulting Workshop

Josh Motlong

ACSTH Elective - Associate - Option 1 Modules - Elective

Organizational Coaching & Consulting Workshop: October 8

Resourcing Your Coaching

If you are a Coach and/or  Consultant and want to set yourself and your business client up for success, this Workshop will give you tools and information to establish confidence, trust, and clarity–all necessary for accomplishing the desired coaching outcome for the company.

You will gain insight into how to facilitate an initial conversation with a company, which will enable you to develop a strong proposal and thorough coaching agreement. You will leave with proposals and agreement templates that you can customize for your business.

This registration form must be completed and received by the Center for Coaching Excellence (CCE) office along full payment no later than Tuesday, October 5, 2021.


October 8 LocationZoom
Live-Virtual ClassesFriday, October 8, 9:00am-2:30pm CT FacilitatorMary Verstraete, CCE President Training Hours5 Hours


Total: $425

Tuition covers your training materials and organizational coaching resources. Payment options are available during registration.