Ethics, Integrity, and Transparency; Diversity & Inclusion

Statement on Ethics, Integrity, and Transparency.

As an ICF Accredited provider, CCE adheres to and emphasizes the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. The ICF Code of ethics describes the ICF core values, ethical principles, and standards of behavior for all ICF professionals. Meeting these ethical standards of behavior is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies.

Additionally, CCE commits to acting with integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves and our participants to the highest level of integrity and strive to be as transparent as possible by explicitly stating measures being taken to provide programs in an ethical manner. We do not believe in using manipulative or dishonest sales tactics and strive to provide a safe and ethical sales process. Further, we work to provide fair and equitable pricing for all programs to ensure access and quality of coaching education.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Diersity and inclusion is a fundamental value of the Center for Coaching Excellence.

Our business and activities bring us into contact with a wide variety of different persons from all manner of backgrounds and experiences. How we treat others reflects on ourselves, the Center, and our work. To ensure that all individuals who work with the Center or participate in our coach training can experience an inclusive environment free from harassment, the Center has adopted this statement policy. We are committed to a culture that values and promotes diversity, inclusion, equal employment opportunities, and a work environment free of harassment and hostility.