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2017 Electives








Your Elective Facilitator 


Mary Verstraete is a leadership consultant and coach. She assists ambitious, successful business professionals in establishing incalculable leadership influence that creates a mark in the world, cultivating an unwavering legacy of lasting significance.

 As a business consultant, Mary collaborates with leaders in establishing a culture of communication effectiveness, synergistic teams, and strong employee engagement—all built on the foundation of trust that contributes to organizational legacy. 

Mary is President of the Center for Coaching Excellence. She continues to expand coaching into diverse industries by developing customized coach training used in companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, and MJ Senior Housing, and Fairview Hospitals.

2018 Electives

Strengths + Coaching

Strengths + Coaching

Mary Verstraete has been a Strengths Coach since 2003 and uses StrengthsFinder 2.0 as a valuable resource in her coaching and consulting, and now she wants to share with you how to practically facilitate strength-based coaching conversations.

Strengths+ Coaching is a fast-paced and insightful seven-week course that will expand your coaching conversations and give your clients added perspective and understanding of their innate strengths. Strengths conversations is an effective coaching approach that can generate significant client self-awareness and personal and professional growth.

This course qualifies for ICF Continuing Education Credits.

Note: This course does not qualify you to teach or train StrengthsFinder or be a StrengthsFinder Coach. Gallup provides training for becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. 

Call Mary Verstraete for more information: 612.246.4787

Live Virtual Classroom 

January 10–February 21

Wednesdays 12–1:15pm CT

Cost: $325

Seven Touch Points to Gaining Clients

Seven Touch Points to Gaining Clients

You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing and not gain the number of coaching clients you desire. Marketing is important, but a significant portion of the decision is the relational connection between you and the person.

In this elective you will learn how to be relational networker and develop authentic and trusting relationship with potential clients that can build business cliental.

You will have the have the opportunity to create a personalize networking plan and receive the Seven Touch Points of Marketing Guideline.

Live Virtual Classroom 

February 12–March 12

Tuesdays 6–7:15pm CT

Cost: $325

Increasing Your Coaching Effectiveness

Increasing Your Coaching Effectiveness

If you are wanting to excel in your coaching skills, this three-week elective is for you! The ToGROW Coaching Conversation model has been one of the most beneficial tools that CCE has created for it's trainees. 

  • You will develop skills to facilitate a conversational style of coaching.
  • You will gain the ability to ask questions that grab the client's attention, create a focused state of mind that evokes in-depth exploration, insight, and discovery. 

Following registration and payment, you will receive a workbook along with free CCE coaching resources!

February 20, 27, March 6

Mondays, 6:00pm7:15pm


Space is limited

The Organizational Agreement

The Organizational Agreement

Get Your Coaching Agreements Customized!

Coaching within an organization calls for a process and agreements that are beneficial for the organization, teams, individual employees you will be coaching, and the coach. 

  • This elective will address crucial content of an organizational agreement
  • Including standard clauses covering all angles to legally protect you and those involved in the coaching process

CCE has created an organizational coaching agreement template that we want to put into your hands. This agreement is used by Mary Verstraete in the organizational coaching she facilities in business settings.

Join Mary for this interactive webinar where we will examine critical agreement content and the sequential process of reviewing the agreement with the appropriate individuals within the organization. 

You will receive:

  • Agreement templates upon attending the full webinar. These will be editable documents that you can customize for your coaching business. 
  • The option to sign up for a discounted consulting session with Mary Verstraete to customize your coaching agreement and process for your organizational clients.

March 20, 27, and April 3

Tuesdays 67:15pm CT                  

Space is limited

 Cost: $250.00

April-December Electives

The remainder of 2018 Electives will be posted by December 15.

Topics will include:

Intuition Skills You Can Count On

The Structure of a Skilled Coaching Conversation

The Art of Coaching Feedback

There is nothing like hands on learning. Our trainer's knowledge and wisdom was priceless and guided me toward a successful coaching business.

Troy Hines
Health and Wellness Coach