Master Training


Leveraging Your Skills

The Master Training module concentrates on consistently applying coaching competencies at the master level and perfecting master-level coaching.

This module is customized for you. You will first meet with a CCE consultant to complete a plan for your remaining hours of coach-specific training required for your ICF Master Certified Coach certification. Our priority is customizing a plan that leverages your coaching skills and coaching focus. The consultation is our investment in you and your future and there is no charge for this service.

Upon completion of the plan and organization of the timeline, your Master Training will begin.

It is our absolute privilege to partner with you in your legacy of lasting influence.



Successful completion of the Master Training module is in direct correlation with the requirements for the third level of ICF certification, the Master Certified Coach (MCC).

You can apply for certification following 2,500 hours (2,250 paid) of coaching experience with at least 25 clients.

Master Training tuition is dependent on the class options that you choose in your customized training plan.