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Professional Training

Becoming a Master

Our third building block to the International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification.

 Mary Verstraete, CCE President 

Mary Verstraete, CCE President 

I encourage you to consider the Professional Training Program. This particular course took my coaching skills to an entire another level because of the understanding it gave me of human development, the impact of mindset, and how to work with mindsets. 

The coaching practicum in Professional Training will give you experience in all of the coaching skills represented in the International Coach Federation's core coaching competencies.

Our goal for you is coaching mastery and we don't take any shortcuts to provide you what you need to excel as a coach.

I invite you to contact me personally with any questions or to discuss further, the advancement of your coach training. Call the office at 612.246.4787 or request a personal consultation with me.

Following your completion of Essential Coaching and the Associate Training, your next step is Professional Training, a course that concentrates on master-level coaching skills. You will immerse yourself in advanced coaching skills and learn how to facilitate a highly-skilled coaching conversation .

This course is filled with practicum opportunities that includes valuable personalized feedback. Our participants place a high value on the results of personalized feedback:

This was most valuable of the training for me was having an expert review and provide feedback.

-Whitney Hines

I cannot overstate the value of the coaching practicum. The feedback from our wonderful coach trainer was most helpful and enabled me to move forward in my coaching business.

-Lori Auten

There is nothing like hands on learning. Our trainer's knowledge and wisdom was priceless and guided me toward a successful coaching business.

-Troy Hines

Training Approach

Professional Training provides coaching observation, coaching demonstrations, group interaction, and dialogue that strengthens comprehension, application, and synthesis. You will continue to expand your knowledge, understanding, and application of master level coaching skills in an advanced coaching practicum.

The course explores how to work with mindsets. Without understanding mindset, the influences that create mindsets, and how to apply coaching skills to mindsets, we miss important opportunities to zero in on what may be barriers to personal and professional development. This course will give you the skills to facilitate a conversation that creates an environment for the client to observe and recognize the need for a mindset change. You will learn to:

  • Apply Mindset Is Causative concepts in coaching
    • Identify assessments and assertions in a coaching conversation
    • Observe learned pessimism and optimism
    • Identify the factors that shape the way a client views a situation
    • Work with client fear versus trust
  • Apply the developmental change process in coaching
  • Facilitate a coaching conversation with a comprehensive and integrated perspective 


Training Structure

  • Phase 1: Mindset is Causative 
  • Phase 2: Advanced Coaching Practicum 
  • Phase 3: Workshop



Successful completion of Essential Training, Associate Training and our Professional Training includes 164 ACSTH Training Hours and meets the requirements for the second level of ICF certification, the Professional Certified Coach (PCC): 

  • 125 hours' coach-specific training
  • Mentor coaching at a reduced rate

You can apply for certification following 500 hours (450 paid) of coaching experience with at least 25 clients. 

Complete information on the path to certification can be found on the CCE Certification page.


Travel Logistics

We offer the Professional Training Workshop at your particular location when there is a training cohort. However, when flight travel occurs for participants, we have priced our training to help cover the cost of US travel expenses. 

  • Training manual and all textbooks.
  •  Meals during the Workshop
  • 10 hours' ICF required mentor coaching at a reduced rate 



The tuition for Professional Training is $2575. Payment plans available.

    2018 Professional Training Dates

    April 18–August 4

    • Wednesdays, 11:30am–1:00pm CT
    • One workshop in Saint Paul, MN on August 2, 3, 4

    Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC

    Registration closes on April 4

    August 1–November 10

    • Wednesdays, 11:30am–1:00pm CT
    • One workshop in Saint Paul, MN on November 8, 9, 10

    Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC

    Registration closes on July 25