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Don't Blur the Boundaries!

Don't Blur the Boundaries!

How can we apply coaching that generates the most beneficial results and not blur the lines with other development professions? Certainly understanding coaching skills is important; however, there are other preliminary steps:

It first begins with clarity on people-development professions. Coaching is often confused with therapy, counseling, mentoring, training, and consulting. Although each of these industries support people in their development and growth, coaching offers a unique approach.

Second, as a coach, you will find it critical to be able to accurately articulate the distinctions among these approaches to convey the clear expectations of coaching and ensure that the client doesn‘t confuse coaching with other people-helping professions.

 Third, understand the practical guidelines and application of the professions. Example: When does coaching and consulting and training work together in particular situation? Is there ever a place for training in a coaching conversation? When should you never cross the boundaries of the professions? 

 Free Gift: Following the webinar, you will receive a free download of Comparisons Among Professions.


Tuesday, June 5

6–7:15pm CT

Facilitator: Mary Verstraete, PCC