Simplified & Focused

A Comprehensive Approach

CCE coach training courses are comprehensive and inclusive, building upon one another, and progressing you through your desired coaching certification.

We offer two distinct paths, enabling you to reach your desired certification efficiently.

Option 1


This is a more direct, sequential route for those who are focused on standard certification path with ICF.

Option 2

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This path enables faster certification at the Associate Level, with the addition of elective specialization towards PCC and MCC.

Our courses meet the necessary number of coach-specific training hours for each of the International Coach Federation certifications.

*Successful completion of Option 1 Essential Training, Associate Training, and Professional Training exceeds the 125-hour training requirement for the second level of ICF certification: Professional Certified Coach. The additional training hours completed can either be applied toward a higher level of certification, or used as continuing education credits for ICF certification renewal.

**Successful completion of Option 2 Essential Training and Associate Training meets the 60-hour training requirement and 10-hour mentor coaching requirement for the first level of ICF certification: Associate Certified Coach. The additional training hours completed can be applied toward the second level of ICF Certification: Professional Certified Coach.  


Frequently Asked Questions

When you have completed the requirements for your particular level of certification, you will apply for certification with the International Coach Federation using the ACSTH path (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours).