Noelle Epp

Josh Motlong

Noelle Epp

CCE Curriculum Designer, Editor, & Marketing

CCE Notes: Noelle and Fanfare Communications is an excellent resource for those getting ready to launch their coaching business. If you need a logo, brand definition, business cards and other resources, Noelle is a wonderful resource.

With nearly two decades of communications and marketing experience, Noelle Epp knows what it takes to connect with key audiences and move projects from concept to completion.

After graduating from Augsburg College with a B.A. in English, Noelle started her career in the Advertising Sales department at KARE-TV (NBC affiliate) in Minneapolis. She was able to work with some of the top media executives in the Twin Cities while learning the ropes of media advertising by coordinating meetings/events, supporting sales managers and account executives, editing sales communications and more.

Later, Noelle was hired at Padilla, a leading public relations firm in Minneapolis. As part of the B2B/Industrial practice group, Noelle wrote articles and case studies, developed relationships with clients and editors, and planned media events in Atlanta, Cleveland and Chicago.

In 1997, Noelle joined the Minnesota Orchestra marketing staff, which was a dream come true for this lifelong music lover. She collaborated with a gifted team of marketers on several initiatives to boost ticket sales—including the launch of LiveMusic! magazine, re-vamping marketing content, coordinating events like the Japan Tour Homecoming, and implementing subscriber loyalty programs like Backstage Tours and Dinner With Doc.

Two years later, Noelle decided to take the leap into freelance work, and she opened Fanfare Communications in1999. She quickly realized that it provided an ideal outlet for creative and strategic thinking, and she relished the opportunity to invest her time and energy in a wide spectrum of projects for clients.

Noelle currently works a flexible schedule to balance her family and professional life. In her spare time, Noelle enjoys singing, playing the piano, reading, and exploring Minnesota’s beautiful parks and campgrounds with her husband and two daughters.